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Keeping the wine close to the vine

"With our Badger Mountain Vineyard organic wines, freshness of flavors and very pure fruit is what it’s all about—I want to keep the wine as close to the vine as possible.

On the vineyard side, it’s a huge advantage having our estate vineyard in our backyard. We can monitor all aspects of the fruit daily and then hourly as we get closer to harvest. And we have the unique ability to control harvest dates down to the varietal block, or even row by row to maximize the flavor of the fruit.

On the winery side, all of our whites are completed in stainless tanks, so the fruit is always the center and core of the wine. The reds will see some neutral oak, but not for oak tannin—more for oxygenation.

My goal is that each vintage of Badger Mountain wine captures and reflects the unique influences of each harvest and this vineyard, in a fresh and pure expression of the fruit ."

– Greg Powers, Director of Winemaking

– Jose Mendoza, Winemaker

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